About Branson - Branson Reynolds Photography

Branson Reynolds has a master's degree in biology and has also worked as an archaeologist. These backgrounds, coupled with his passion for photography, led to a career as a photographer, writer, teacher, and guide.

For over thirty years he has explored, studied, and photographed the wildlife, landscapes, ancient ruins, native people, and funky "Americana" of the Western states. His work has appeared in numerous publications such as Outside, Backpacker, Wilderness, Bugle, Wildlife Conservation, Outdoors, Outdoor Life, Time/Life Books, the New York and Los Angeles Times, and on the Outdoor Channel.

His photography has been exhibited in galleries in Santa Fe, San Francisco, Toronto, and his hometown of Durango, Colorado, and his images were featured in books including AMONG THE ASPENS, CEDAR MESA–A PLACE WHERE SPIRITS DWELL, and ONE DRIVE IN A MILLION.