Center of the Universe - Branson Reynolds Photography

 In the lands of the Navajo, on the southern edge of Monument Valley, is a volcanic spire soaring over 1,200 feet into the blue Arizona sky. It is the remains of an ancient volcano who’s sides have eroded away, leaving only the dense volcanic core. To the Navajo, it is known as Agathla, the Center of the Universe. To the west, sitting on the edge of the great canyon of the Colorado River, is the rounded dome of the sacred Navajo Mountain. To the north are the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado, the “Place of Emergence” for the Navajo people. To the east are the Sangre de Christos, marking the ancient eastern boundary of Dineta, the “Land of the Navajo”, and to the south, Mt. Taylor marks the southern boundary. Center of the Universe? What better place.