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Monument Valley & Canyon de Chelly Travel & Lodging

October 26-November 1, 2014

Travel to and During Workshops

Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and during this workshop. For those flying in, Albuquerque has the closest large airport and is 300 miles and about a 5 hr drive from Monument Valley, where the workshop begins

The workshop ends in Canyon de Chelly/Chinle, AZ, which is 221 miles and a 4 hr drive from Albuquerque. Rentals are available at the airport. Regular hwy vehicles are fine for most of the trip, but in both Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly we will need 4XD vehicles and a Navajo guide for part of our time there.

In Canyon de Chelly those that are driving high-clearance 4XD vehicles can drive their vehicles into the canyons. Others will be required to share the expense (which is very reasonable) of hiring a guide for the day that has the necessary vehicle. In Monument Valley, most highway vehicles will work for the main loop through the valley that is open to the public, but one day will require a Navajo guide and a van to get us into areas not open to the public. We will share the expenses for this day.

For those interested in sharing vehicle vehicle rental costs, a list of others with the same interest will be sent upon receiving your registration information.Sometimes arrangments can be made if participants are arriving and leaving the airport close to the same time to share a rental for the entire week beginning and ending at the airport. Carpooling arrangements are also often made after arriving in Monument Valley.

Lodging--Monument Valley
Participants are responsible for their own lodging during the workshop. However, reservations will be made for you after receiving your application and you can cover the lodging fee after arriving in Monument Valley.

We have two options for lodging here. Gouldings Lodge (435-727-3231) is located a couple of miles outside of the park boundaries and was the only lodging facility in Monument Valley for many years. The rooms here are nice and there is a restaurant overlooking the valley. Nightly rates here are $140. The new Monument Valley View Motel (435-727-5536) is an upscale facility within the park boundaries. The daily rates here are $200 and up. We will be staying in Monument Valley for the nights of Sunday, October 26th through Tuesday, October 28 th.

Lodging--Canyon de Chelly
The two best options for lodging are the Thunderbird Lodge (928-674-5842), which is within the National Monument boundaries and is administered by the National Park Service, and the Holiday Inn Canyon de Chelly (928-674-5000) which is just outside the park gate.  The Best Western has newer accommodations and the food and dining is superior.As we will meet in the restaurant at the Holiday Inn for meals, critique sessions, etc. it is recommended . We will be in Canyon de Chelly for the nights of Wednesday, October 29th through October 31, Please contact me at 970-247-5274 or at with any questions regarding regarding the trip.

Reservations for Canyon de Chelly need to be made for the nights Wednesday, October 29th through Friday, October 31st.