Shootout Durango Summer Travel - Branson Reynolds Photography

Shootout Durango Summer Travel

Summer Shoot-out in Durango
July 22-28, 2012



Transportation to and during the workshop is the responsibility of the client. Regular highway vehicles are suitable for most of this trip, although some portions near Silverton do require 4XD vehicles with relatively high clearance. Usually only two such vehicles are needed in addition to mine. Carpooling from the motel on our daily travels is usually arranged by participants after arrival, so everyone does not need 4XD. And the rental of a jeep for the day in Silverton is also an option. Point of arrival and departure for this trip is Durango, Colorado. Denver and Albuquerque are the nearest large airport and both have shuttle flights to Durango. Albuquerque is a 4 hr. drive from Durango. Denver is an 8 hr. drive.


Participants are responsible for their own lodging in Durango and Silverton. We will be in Durango for 4 nights---Sunday, July 22, and  Wednesday, July 25th through Friday, July27th. The workshop ends on Saturday, July 28th and participants can continue their stay in Durango or head on to other destinations.

There are numerous lodging accommodations in Durango, but for convenience I recommend the Durango Downtown Inn (800 Camino Del Rio). It is attached to Applebees restaurant and is only a block from Durango's historic downtown where there are numerous good restaurants and shopping. Reservations can to be made at the Durango Downtown Inn--970-247-5393--for the nights of Sunday, July 22, and Wednesday, July 25th through Friday, July 27th. Participants are welcome to choose other lodging accommodations which can be found on the internet under Durango Lodging.

In Silverton I recommend the Triangle Motel--970-387-5780 for the nights of July 23rd and 24th. Other lodging possibilities can be found on the internet under Silverton Lodging.