Monument Valley Itinerary - Branson Reynolds Photography

Monument Valley & Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Itinerary for the Week of October 26-November 1, 2014

On this trip we'll have three morning and three afternoon/evening shoots in both Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly. And the low angle of the sun will provide good shooting throughout much of the day. We'll also have sessions with the Navajo people in both locations. We'll work in time for critique and review of our images and image manipulation in the computer as time allows.

Sunday, October 26

Monument Valley-We'll begin our week in Monument Valley, where we'll plan on meeting  this afternoon/evening at either Goulding's Lodge or the Monument Valley View Motel to get acquainted and discuss the plans for the coming week.  And I'll present a short image presentation of our locations while in Monument Valley.

Monday, October 27
Monument Valley-We'll start our shooting Monday morning at sunrise and spend the rest of the day shooting in and around Monument Valley, ending each day as the sun sets below the western horizon. During the day we'll also visit the Oljeto Trading Post and the Monument Valley Trading post, which are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tuesday, October 28
Monument Valley-We'll have a morning shoot among the Monuments, and the rest of the day will be spent with a Navajo guide deep in the mysterious mesas, spires, buttes and ancient ruins of the valley. There are often opportunities to photograph Navajo people dressed in their traditional clothing during these times.

Wednesday, October 29
Canyon de Chelly -After our Wednesday morning shoot in Monument Valley we'll head towards Canyon de Chelly, stopping at the hogan of a traditional basketmaker for some more shooting, then on through more amazing formations along the way. We'll spend the rest of the day photographing along the south rim of Canyon de Chelly.

Thursday, October 30 
Canyon de Chelly -We'll be back along the South Rim Drive for sunrise, and we'll shoot different locations for the rest of the morning. After lunch we'll take a relatively easy but exciting 2 mile round-trip hike down into the canyon to the thousand year old White House Ruins.

Friday, October 31 
Canyon de Chelly  -We'll spend Friday with a Navajo guide deep in the canyons where we'll see ancient cliff-dwellings, rock art, and more incredible scenery. We'll then finish the day with along the canyon rim. Here there are also possibilities to photograph the Navajo people in their traditional clothing

Saturday, November 1

Everyone heads home with lots of wonderful memories, photographs and new friends.