Ancient Ruins Summary - Branson Reynolds Photography

Ancient Ruins of the American Southwest

April 20-26, 2014

Location: Four-Corners region of Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico

The essence of the "Ancient Ones" is felt throughout the Southwest. From small quartz flakes still resting where they fell from the wrinkled hands of the old maker of arrowheads, the still bright pieces of thousand year old pottery shaped by the grandmother, the fresh looking fingerprints in the long dried mud of the small room in the hidden alcove, to the massive walls of Pueblo Bonito, the spirit of the "Old Ones", permeates the land.

We'll wander through the enchanted lands of the Anasazi, the "Hisatsinom", the "Long Ago People" of the Hopi, where faint sounds of distant flutes and drums seem to echo from the cliffs and through the canyons. Our travels will take us into the famous cliff dwellings of the Mesa Verde and through the interior passages of Pueblo Bonito, the "Beautiful Village", in the World Heritage Center of Chaco Canyon, where other ancient cities like Pueblo Alto, Una Veda, Kin Kletso and Chetro Ketl, whose massive walls enclosing hundreds of rooms, are slowly fading like ancient memories back into Mother Earth. We'll follow little known trails to Hovenweep Castle, Square Tower, and Cutthroat ruins, and even lesser known trails into remote canyons of southeast Utah to Monarch's Cave and other still unnamed ruins where amazing rock art covers the cliff walls and broken pieces of Anasazi pottery still cover the ground.

So join me on a unique journey through this spectacular country where we'll immerse ourselves in exploring and photographing the remains of an advanced civilization that occupied the Southwest over a thousand years ago as well as the country which they are a part of. This trip is truly an adventure.